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Writing Isn’t Sexy is the newsletter I write about once a month for friends interested in learning what it’s like to make a living as a writer. You’ll get news about my life as a mother to two kids, about my work as an essayist and journalist, about other book projects in the works, and about what I’ve learned from changing my life to write full time. I write about current events, about disability, and anything else that needs talking about.

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Read a great story about two star-crossed doctors—a war widow and a guy with a few secrets in his past—who manage to overcome their tragic histories and find love again. If you like Grey’s Anatomy, this book is for you.

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Read an essay collection on how the First Amendment has fared under the Trump administration. This book will appeal to anyone interested in free speech, freedom of the press, and how we must guard these important rights.

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For women today, it can seem as though men have the right to hurt you—with rarely any consequences. Even If You’re Broken will show you how to live in this world with your head held high.

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In this fast-paced new adult novella, a prequel to the Hollywood Lights Series, a tension-filled weekend at a lake house will change the lives of two unlikely friends forever.

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