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Does true love ever come around twice?

Barbara, a medical resident, lost her Air Force pilot husband when his plane was shot down by enemy fire in Afghanistan. She wonders if she will ever love again, or even feel warm again. She focuses on her work as a dermatologist, and her friendship with a pilot in her dead husband’s unit.

When Chris, a fellow resident at the hospital, sets his sights her Barbara, she freezes him out. But Chris isn’t easily deterred. Will Barbara’s fear keep them apart? Or will Chris be the one to break down Barbara’s barriers?


When the president declares war against the media, he is declaring war against the people of the United States.

In addition to being a bestselling novelist, Katie Rose Guest Pryal is an attorney, an essayist, and a legal commentator. WE ARE ALL ENEMIES OF THE STATE collects some of Pryal’s writing over the past two years on how the First Amendment has fared under the Trump administration. This book will appeal to anyone interested in free speech, freedom of the press, and how we must guard these important rights.

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