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From the bestselling author of Life of the Mind Interrupted come two new collections of essays.

“Refreshingly honest.” -Award-winning author Amy Impellizzeri

The Freelance Academic: Available Now :: Even If You’re Broken: Coming Fall of 2019

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Happy Other’s Day

:: I have two children, but there were times in my life when I wasn’t certain that I would make the choice to become a mother.

Writing Roundup: April 2015

:: Last month I was fretting because I published very little. This month I averaged two pieces per week, which frankly made my head spin, especially since I spent one of those weeks on a writing retreat at a place with dodgy internet.

Why Retreat?

:: This past week, I retreated up to an artist’s center in the N.C. mountains to get some writing done. This is a practice my mother refers to as a “taking a vacation.”