Writing is hard: Let me make it easier

Writing Coaching

Update January 2023:
I am only taking clients on an occasional basis. Please email to see if I have an opening.

Why writing coaching?

A writing coach helps you develop your book or story idea, helps you create a writing plan customized for you, listens to your struggles and helps you through them, helps you assess your progress and modify your writing plan if necessary, and more.

Writing coaching is very personal, and both new and experienced writers can benefit from it.

Getting started: Do you need concrete advice to help you get your writing project off the ground? Do you need help getting your ideas under control? I can help you figure out what kind of book you want to write. Or, I can help you organize a book you already have in mind or even drafted.

Keeping momentum: Do you need pep talks, hard deadlines, or both? I can help you to create a writing schedule and to stick to it so that you don’t lose your way. I can help with weekly chats make sure you achieve your writing goals.

Writer’s block: Are you stuck? If you hit a wall with your project, don’t worry. It happens. Let me help you break through with proven strategies. Are you procrastinating? I can help you figure out why and help you through it.

Publishing career: Do you want to be an author? What does your career look like to you? Have you thought about the different paths to publishing?


Types of Projects

I coach writers on a variety of projects: novels, nonfiction books, memoirs, websites, dissertations, articles, essays, and more.

Writers come to me at any point in their careers—just embarking on their first novel, struggling with their dissertation, writing a book for tenure, or struggling with their tenth law review article.

Katie coached me with the rewriting and revision of my first novel. She helped me restructure my plot so that each scene moved the story forward and made sure each character had both a purpose and a voice. With Katie’s help, I was able to tackle a project that I had been struggling with for over a decade.

Janet Fiorentino

Author and Law Professor

About Me

I have been coaching writers in one form or another for twenty years. I’ve taught university-level writing for over twenty years; I’m currently an instructor in the Drexel MFA in creative writing program and an Adjunct Professor at UNC School of Law, where I teach advanced legal writing.

I am the author of more than 15 books, including many on how to write.

I have a master’s degree in creative writing from the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. I am also a lawyer (a graduate of UNC School of Law), and I’ve spent many years honing my counseling skills with legal clients.

I’ve been coaching writers professionally since 2017. Want to learn more?



  • We can meet just once or twice to help get your book off the ground, or weekly to get you on a strong trajectory.
  • We can meet a few times to get you unstuck if you find yourself unable to move forward, or on a regular basis to see a project through to the end.
  • I meet with clients via videochat. I have clients all over the world.
  • Email me for a price list or to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

As a coach, Katie gives excellent advice. Plus, she is calm and thoughtful, especially in times of crisis.

Jennifer Polk, Ph.D.

Founder, From Ph.D. to Life

A friend recommended I hire Katie to help with my academic book that was stalling in the review phase. I did not understand peer reviewers’ comments or my editor’s feedback. I was demoralized and ready to ditch the project altogether. Enter Katie. She translated the reviewers’ comments so I could understand them, and she read several chapters and identified those places where I was writing defensively. With Katie’s guidance, I became empowered to edit my entire manuscript. My argument became strong and clear, my organization better served the thesis, and I felt emboldened to write the book I wanted to write. Without Katie, I would not have continued the project, nor would I have gotten a stellar review on the revised manuscript. 

Many people can tell you what’s “wrong” with a piece of writing. Only a select few can tell you how to improve it. Katie possesses that rare gift of being able to explain how to make writing better. 

Jill Peterfeso

Author of Womanpriest, Fordham University Press, forthcoming

I reached out to Katie for guidance in putting together a CV as I began to consider a transition from consulting to academia. Her knowledge spans across industries, and her ability to guide others with professionalism and care is unmatched. Katie cares about her clients. Your career will benefit greatly from her services.

Andrea Pino

Author of WE BELIEVE YOU and Keynote Speaker

Katie edited my novel in a fast, professional manner. She had wonderful insights into the content, and her suggestions were spot-on. Her edits were exactly what I needed to finish my book—and now it’s under contract for publication.

Lauren Faulkenberry

Author of the Bayou Sabine series

I hired Katie to help me develop freelance writing pitches and articles for magazines. Thanks to Katie, my work is published I have a burgeoning writing career!

Federico Morris

Music Journalist

I’ve come to think that if Katie Rose Guest Pryal hasn’t edited my work, it hasn’t been appropriately edited. She works fast with great accuracy and on top of line edits she is a fantastic fact checker.

Ann Garvin

USA Today bestselling author of I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around