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Stetson Law and Rhetoric Colloquium 2013

This past week, I was lucky enough to participate in the Law and Rhetoric Colloquium at Stetson University College of Law, put together by the inimitable Professor Kirsten K. Davis. Below is the announcement of the Colloquium, which includes a picture of the...

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On Page Limits and Concision

:: At the beginning of every school year, my legal writing students face a double, daunting challenge: to learn to write about a topic they are unfamiliar with (the law) in a dialect that they are unfamiliar with (legal discourse).

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10 Days Til Core Grammar Launch

In honor of the final 10 days of the production of Core Grammar for Lawyers (coregrammar.com), I'm reposting this column from Slate.com on "logical" punctuation. Specifically, the author suggests that a punctuation trend in the U.S. is leading the way for U.S. writers...

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Author, essayist, sometime law professor. Topics that will get me talking: mental health and disability, sexual violence, and making words happen. I want to be your friend, even if I have trouble showing it.

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