Dear Friends,

I have loved writing this blog, and I will return to it. For now, however, I will be taking a break from it. I have good reasons why, and I’d like to share them with you.

I have the wonderful opportunity to be a columnist for Psychology Today, and I am devoting my time there. My column is called “Living Neurodivergence,” and I take on everything neurodivergence and mental-health related. If you love reading what I write here, you love that too.

I also write a letter on Substack. It is called “Life of the Mind Interrupted.” If you aren’t familiar with Substack, it is a newsletter-meets-blogging platform that allows me to send emails to subscribers (always free!), and it also keeps the older letters up on my page like blog posts.

As you can see, I’m busy doing lots of fun blog-like writing for these other venues, and I hope you will stay in touch with me there, as well as on Instagram and Linked In.

For now, you can enjoy my older posts, as I’ll be keeping them up here as long as this website is standing. 🌟


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