:: I have some book reviews for you all! I got heat stroke at a tennis tournament and have been sitting on my butt for two weeks, so I’ve been READING A LOT. Good for me, and GOOD FOR YOU. Let’s get this book review party started!

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RESORT TO LOVE by Priscilla Oliveras

Oliveras has written a clean, sweet second-chance love story with a heroine anyone can cheer for. At the story’s heart is loyalty and family—or familia, as Sofia calls it (her family is Puerto Rican)—and how it can tear people apart and bring them together. Set all around Florida, from the fictional Paradise Key to Key West, RESORT TO LOVE brings real estate scion Nate and boot-strap local girl Sofia back together after they were driven apart years before.

Sofia has plans of her own now, and she can’t let Nate get in the way. And when Nate sees Sofia by chance, he realizes that maybe he’s made all the wrong choices. It’s easy to pull for these characters, to hope they’ll find their way back together.

Part of the Paradise Key series, each book authored by a different author. I read as a standalone. 5/5

VIRTUAL SHADOWS by Mary Fan (Book 3 of the Jane Colt Trilogy)

[Read my review of Book 2, SYNTHETIC ILLUSIONS, here.]

As I posted on Instagram the other day, I cannot believe it has taken me so long to get around to reading this book. I read the first two books in the series when they came out, but this one kept getting pushed aside by work. But not this week, my friends, when I was flat on my back on forced rest! This week, I could READ FOR FUN.

We catch up with Jane Colt and Adam, her sentient AI fiancé and the sweetest boy in the galaxy, on a sunless sanctuary for fugitives—which is what they are, now that the interstellar police are after Adam and Jane shot at the enforcers trying to catch them. She went from heiress to outlaw in one moment, but she doesn’t regret it at all. But Adam has realized that he won’t last long on the dark world; he needs solar energy to survive. He and Jane need an escape.

Meanwhile, Jane’s big brother Devin has been on lock-down with the rest of his branch of ISARK (like an interstellar CIA), but he’s been tracking the mercenary who saved his life, whom he calls Silver, and yeah, he’s half in love with her. When he discovers Silver’s secret, and worse, that she’s been kidnapped by a crime lord bent on destroying an entire planet, he takes off on a rescue mission-turned-save-the-planet-mission, which Jane and Adam must play a crucial part in as well. In this most ambitious of the Colt novels, Fan pushes on questions of morality and ethics in new and enjoyable ways.

This was my favorite of the already-great Jane Colt novels. Great job, Mary. 5/5

FIREFLY LANE by Kristin Hannah

My full review of this book is over on the Tall Poppy Writers blog, where I write regularly (since I am, you know, a Tall Poppy Writer.) But I wanted to tease it here because this is a book I finished recently and the review went up today (June 28).

…As a story of friendship, Firefly Lane is really a story of sisters, sisters who may not be related by blood, but by promises. But, in the end, all of the best sisters are held together by promises—even the ones we’re born with. The journey of Firefly Lane is one of love, memory, history, and women’s lives, a journey that will stay with you long after you finish the final page.

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