:: Fallout Girl is the hardest novel I’ve ever written.

I’ve written four novels. The three full-length novels of the Hollywood Lights series (check out the whole series of books listed below), and the fourth that’s with my agent now, something entirely new.

But this book, Fallout Girl, was hard.

In the author’s note in the back of the book—another hard thing to write, and something I’ve never written before—I mention how hard the novel was to write.

The novel was hard, in part, because Miranda has bipolar disorder just like I do. I write in the author’s note: “Sometimes writing close to home is the hardest and scariest thing to do. I really wanted to get it right. I felt like I had a duty not only to show what it was like for the main character to struggle with this disability, but also for her to make out all right in the end.”

It’s time for you to meet Miranda George and my toughest, writing labor of love, FALLOUT GIRL, a novel about a woman with bipolar disorder that is ALSO super fun and exciting with a Hollywood romance. Because a book, and a heroine, can have all of those things.

Learn more about the Hollywood Lights Series below.

I wanna read FALLOUT GIRL


The Hollywood Lights Series: 

  1. Entanglement
  2. Love and Entropy (novella)
  3. Chasing Chaos
  4. How to Stay (novella)
  5. Fallout Girl
  6. Take Your Charming Somewhere Else

Also: Books 1-4 are available in an ebook Box Set

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