:: “Make time for your writing!” everyone says. “Prioritize yourself!” Oh sure, I’ll get right on that.

I’m writing a new weekly column over on the Tall Poppy Writers blog. Here’s the first installment. Check it out every Thursday ad infinitum.

Source: Writing Isn’t Sexy: Dog Poop and All | Tall Poppy Writers

This morning, I got the kids ready for their father to homeschool them (more on that next week), threw on my first-clothes (which now, at noon, have become my real clothes), and dashed out the door with the dog to walk her before she would go in the house. She’s new—we adopted her from the pound back in August—and she still isn’t super clear on potty training. Getting her out the door for the first go is crucial unless I want to be cleaning up pee from the carpet in my first-clothes-but-actually-my-real-clothes.

On the walk, I pulled out my phone. I opened the notes application. And then I hit the dictate button. It’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo—you might have seen that acronym around) and yesterday, the first day, I didn’t write a single word. “Make time for your writing!” everyone says. “Prioritize yourself!” Oh sure, I’ll get right on that.

So while I walked my dog, I dictated. I’m actually half-way through this novel I’m working on, maybe more, but I need a turning point. I need it now. So as I walked with my dog, Corey, trotting along, I brainstormed into the notes app via dictation. The transcription is a little wonky, but I can understand it—like this, “She doesn’t get arrested but she does agree maybe she should get arrested.” Does she get arrested? Doesn’t she? Who knows, I’ll figure it out later, move on move on….

Go read the rest on the Tall Poppies Blog. 

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