:: I’ve been writing about freedom of the press and authoritarianism, but also about the judiciary and separation of powers. Mostly this writing is fast-paced and exhausting in its fast-paced-ness, but it is worth it.

You can catch it all here:

(1) DAME Magazine. Is Peter Thiel Going to Help Donald Trump Kill the Press? 1/16. Excerpt:

The First Amendment—the freedom of the press—is under attack. No, the storm troopers are not burning down The New York Times building. But that’s not how our rights are lost. Rights are perverted, first.

(2) Thoughts on Journalism. We Are All Enemies of the State. 1/28. Excerpt:

When we can no longer criticize our government, when the government can target its own citizens for speaking words the government doesn’t like, when the government can set up state-sponsored media — that’s when we have lost our free press. And we are closer than we think.

(3) Quartz. Trump’s disregard for the judicial system has accidentally made law school cool again. 2/15. Excerpt:

Trump’s disregard of the judiciary is incredibly troubling because, according to Davis, “the rule of law is probably one of the two or three basic precepts of democracy. There are some things you can say it would be nice to have in democracy. But the rule of law is [required].” And, just as importantly, “You cannot have the rule of law without the lawyers.”

(4) DAME Magazine. If All the News Is Fake, Why Isn’t Donald Filing Libel Suits? 2/23. Excerpt:

Only a few weeks ago, Trump declared the fourth estate the enemy of him and his government which revealed how little respect Trump has for the First Amendment. Then he took aim at the judiciary which he attacked when judges blocked his immigration order. Now, he’s declared the press the enemy of the U.S. populace It appears that Trump does not believe much in the rule of law, unless of course it benefits him in the courtroom.


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