Periscope Portraits

Last updated: Sept. 29, 2016

The Periscope project is a co-blogging project created by photographer Laura Collins Britton and writer Katie Rose Guest Pryal.

The parameters of The Periscope Project are these:

On a regular basis, Laura sends a photograph to Katie. Katie cannot look at the photograph until she is ready to write. When Katie is ready to write, she opens the photograph and spends no more than fifteen thirty minutes writing a response. That response becomes a blog post.

Laura and Katie simultaneously post these blog posts on each of their blogs. The Periscope Project blog posts will be numbered thusly: Periscope 1, Periscope 2, etc. They will be tagged so that you can see them in order if you would like, however, you do not need to see the posts in order to enjoy them.

Read more about Laura on her website. Read more about Katie on her website.

Read all Periscope Project posts.

Alt Text: Monochrome photograph of a rain shower on a brick walkway. Image via Pixabay.

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