:: The heroine is done taking the back seat, and she’s done being a pawn. She is easy to root for.

Author: Karissa Laurel, @KarissaLaurel

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, July 2016

Purchase Book: 2.99 ebook on date of publication of this review

Note: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Note #2: This is a review of Book 2 in the Norse Chronicles. If you’d like, you can also read my review of Book 1 in the Norse Chronicles, Midnight BurningIf you haven’t read Midnight Burning yet, get thee to a bookstore before reading this review, as it might contain spoilers for that book.

Arctic Dawn opens where Midnight Burning left off—Solina, the reincarnation of the Norse sun goddess Sol, recently lost control of her fire power, and she went what we might call supernova, losing her human form and taking the form of pure light energy. She returned to human form near her parents’ home in North Carolina.

As fast as she could, she returned to upstate New York, where the last battle took place, looking for traces of her friend Skyla amid the ruins of the battle. But Skyla is gone, and Solina is on her own.

Not knowing who to trust, Solina travels in secret across the country to San Diego. That’s last lead she could find on Skyla’s family—her father—and she also wants to hide out from the supernatural beings whose pawn she’s been for months. She’s building her strength, her control over her power, and her independence. When she meets up with them again, with Thorin, Val, Baldur, and the rest, she wants to be on slightly more equal footing.

But one night, a scary supernatural dude finds her, attacks her friend, and chases her out of town. She reaches out to Thorin for help. She’s finally willing to resume her fight against the bad guys Helen and Skoll, who want to use her death to bring about another Ragnarok, or apocalypse.

No big deal.

Throughout this book, family secrets are revealed, history comes around to bite characters in the ass, and Thorin and Solina’s relationship grows stronger.  Solina is done taking the back seat, and she’s done being a pawn. She is an easy hero to root for.

The book ends with unfinished business, setting up the third book in the series.

I read this whole book in two days of non-stop binging. The book was a blast. I highly recommend it. (But do read the first book first.)

Rating: 5/5

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