You might have noticed some changes to the website. I’m really happy with some of them, so I thought I’d highlight them in a post.

(1) Total new look.

New header image! (The site now possesses a header image.) New colors. (The site now possess colors.) New fonts! So much new, and hopefully, better. My favorite photographer whose work I use in nearly all of my blog posts (see above) also provided the header image. Her name is Laura Collins Britton, she lives in Chicago, and you can see her portfolio here, which she insists is perpetually not up-to-date but whatever.

(2) Completely revamped Freelance Writing and Book Reviews pages.

After two years as a full-time writer, I suddenly realized the “list” approach to sharing my clips was both boring and hard to navigate. So I split Book Reviews and Freelance Writing into two separate pages. Then, I found a plugin that lets me provide a more portfolio-like feel for my articles AND to tag them by topic. So, if I pitch a story on one of my beats, I can link to my clips on that beat, and editors don’t have to wade through everything else. Yay! I’m so helpful.

My only complaint is that I can’t tag them by more than one topic. So: if I write about disability in higher ed, I have to pick one—disability OR higher ed. I can’t use both.

(3) Overhauled Consulting and Editing page.

I’ve updated my Consulting and Editing page to reflect that I’m taking on more editing clients now and to show the kind of work I do. I used to only take on editing clients by referral, but I’ve opened up to the public now. This page still looks boring to me (i.e., BIG PAGE OF TEXT), but at least there’s content now.

(4) Uh, sorry.

One sad note for readers of this blog: I’VE DISCOVERED MEDIUM.COM and OMG IT’S AMAZING. Thus, what might have been my last two blog posts actually ended up as posts over on Medium. You can visit my Medium page if you’d like to see them.

One cool things is that now I am a contributing writer to the Medium publication Disability Stories, which is AMAZING. So I’ll definitely continue to still write pieces for them. founded a magazine called DISABILITY ACTS and am now publishing and editing disability writing there. Please check it out:

BUT: I’ve learned that it is totally okay to cross-post Medium pieces to your blog. So, that’s a thing that I’m going to start doing, I guess.

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