Over the last two years, my friend and former colleague Alexa Chew and I have been writing a book. It’s going to press very soon. We worked closely with the awesome designer at our press and came up with an amazing cover, and I’m going to share it with you.

Because we think it is so gorgeous.

Remember. This is a law book. A book on law. And yet, it is still SO PRETTY. Here it is:

CLW Chew-Pryal Cover 2 Tree

The cool thing is the story of the cover artwork. My good friend and fellow novelist, Lauren Faulkenberry, is also a book-arts artist and letterpress/paper-arts/lots of stuff I don’t understand artist. She has multiple printing presses in her HOUSE. She teaches at Penland.

Alexa and I begged her: Do you have any art? Like, anything? That we can have (for free)? Maybe, like, a tree? And she gave us that beautiful tree that you see up there. I believe it is a thing called a linocut.

The originalĀ use of the art was to print a book cover for a limited edition hand-made book that might have been in a museum. I dunno. Look at the picture I just snapped of the book. She even made the paper. I would put that in a museum. Lauren just WRITES in them. (Sacrilege!)

She just writes in this gorgeous thing.

As you can tell, Alexa and IĀ are beyond thrilled with both the cover and to be reaching the end of this book-creation journey. If you want to learn more about The Complete Legal Writer, you can visit its website.

Alt Text: Monochrome photograph of a rain shower on a brick walkway. Image via Pixabay.

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