:: Welcome to this month’s writing roundup, where I revisit pieces I published during the past month.

Salon, “Atticus Finch was never a hero: ‘This book taught white people how to talk about race, and it did so badly,’” by Scott Timberg, 16 July 2015. (Interview)

This first piece isn’t a piece I wrote—it’s an interview I gave to Salon. When Harper Lee’s new book came out I found myself an expert on it because of a scholarly piece I wrote that some thought foretold the Atticus that came to life in Watchman. Anyways, I was interviewed in The New Republic and blogged about it.

No one ever accused me of tempering my opinions. If you would like to check out the evidence that I use to support my opinions the original piece is downloadable.

“The reason why people get upset is that it’s more than a novel. People have said, ‘It’s just a novel, he’s just a character …’ But people name their kids for Atticus. I talk to my students – they go to law school because of him.

It’s changed our cultural consciousness – it did. This book taught white people how to talk about race, and it did so badly.”

What Are You Writing For?” Underground Book Reviews. 23 July 2015.

Another entry the monthly column I write for a readership of independent and small-press authors—how do you decide how to take on a writing job? Balancing the pay v. how it will boost your reputation v. how it will suck your soul. These are tough questions for writers trying to make a living writing.

Can Adjuncts Be Freelancers?” Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae. 24 July 2015.

I interviewed a smart tax lawyer to understand why it is adjuncts—who often provide our own computers, office space, papers, pens, etc.—are taxed as regular employees and therefore can’t deduct our expenses. There’s actually case law about it, and it’s not good for us adjuncts.

“In the end — however much adjuncts and other contingent faculty may feel like they aren’t treated as employees — in the eyes of the IRS, they will be for the foreseeable future. Our university teaching will not count as freelance work, which means we won’t be able to deduct any expenses related to that work.”

Why I Didn’t Report Being Raped In College.” Huffington Post. 29 July 2015.

A question rape survivors are often asked. I decided to answer it.

Why didn’t you report being raped?

Other people ask me that question, sure. But mostly I ask myself.

Why didn’t I report being raped? I ask myself that question a lot. And then I torture myself with the answers.

Lastly, I also published some book reviews, of books in the urban fantasy genre, my wildly favorite genre.

Book Review of OMEGA by S.M. Reine.” Underground Book Reviews. 20 July 2015.

Book Review of BROKEN ELEMENTS by Mia Marshall.” Underground Book Reviews. 5 July 2015.

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