:: Last night was the launch party and first reading/signing for Entanglement. Flyleaf Books, our awesome indie bookshop in Chapel Hill, hosted the event, and it was a blast.

In part it was a blast because I brought half a case of sparkling wine, selected specifically because the labels matched my book cover (by which I mean they were red and silver).

A red bottle and a silver bottle of champagne flanking the cover of Entanglement

Always match your bubbly to your book

Flyleaf did a great job providing space for both the party and the reading and signing, and their valiant bookseller Travis—who also possesses four names(!!)—introduced me.

Pro-tip: If the skirt you are wearing has pockets, then you have a place to put your hands.

The Flyleaf bookseller introducing Katie

Two four-named individuals

I read a few pages from the book, and then I answered questions about writing the book.

Why LA? Why the 1990s? Is writing fiction better/worse/more fun/less fun than the other kinds of writing I do? Is Timmy modeled after my husband?

And somehow during the course of all of this, 100% of the champagne was consumed. All of it. The store also sold out of my books, so I guess that balances things out.

Katie reading to a full room

I’m so grateful to everyone for coming out

At the end of the night, my husband—who had shopped with me, carried bottles, set up our supplies, and kept them refilled for our guests—he cleaned up while I visited with folks and signed books. Basically he was the best. Thanks, husband, for being so excellent.

Katie posing with her husband and Entanglement

Greatest husband ever, says I

Thanks Flyleaf Books, thanks husband, thanks friends and readers for attending, thanks Velvet Morning Press for publishing such a gorgeous-looking book, thanks Christie my sister for helping set up and for taking pictures, thanks to those with small children who came anyway even though I know how hard it is to get out of the house late at night. Thank you.

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