:: This month’s writing roundup has a special theme, and that special theme is BOOKS. I published only two articles last month, but I spent plenty of time publishing things.

First, the articles.

Thriving as a Freelance Academic.” Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae. 8 May 2015.

In this piece for CHE Vitae, I interviewed three freelance academics to figure out what they were doing to make their livings. This was the motivation of the piece:

“How can we take these theoretical ideas I’ve been spouting and put them into practice? As I now know, it’s not enough to simply survive after losing your institutional affiliation. How can we thrive?”

Seeing the common threads of the three interviews was really helpful, especially since the work that the three freelancers do is not very similar. But they spoke of finding a support system, and of having patience with yourself. Good advice all around.

How to Run Your Writing Like a Business.” Underground Book Reviews. 29 May 2015.

In this piece, I gave some practical tips, based on my own experience, for how to take your writing business into your own hands, so to speak. Although taking an entrepreneurial approach to writing might seem intimidating at first, it is way worth it in the long run:

“When you run your writing like a business, you can’t limit yourself to the role of author. We’re not just authors. We’re entrepreneurs. We have to be. I think we all agree on that, or we wouldn’t be here.”

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. My publisher was busy.

  • They published my eBook short titled Writing Isn’t Sexy, which is FREE to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter.
  • They published my novella, Love and Entropy, which you can get on Amazon.com and other outlets for 99 cents.
  • AND my novel, Entanglement, will be out ANY DAY is out now, for $2.99.

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