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What is THIS about?

Some of you may have heard something about a newsletter, and even an eBook, that I’m publishing called something like “Writing Isn’t Sexy.”

The newsletter (its header is above), is a monthly item that arrives in your inbox. The eBook short, published by my publisher, is free free free and comes out TODAY. Its title, creatively, is Writing Isn’t Sexy: A Manifesto for Independent Thinkers.

Those who have been reading my work for a while, especially the Freelance Academics out there, know how much I love writing manifestos.

I wanted to take a minute to explain to my regular readers what Writing Isn’t Sexy (WIS) has to do with them, since it might seem that I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent.

Not so! No tangents here!

Here are some of the principles behind WIS.

  • Many people believe making a living writing involves lots of very glamorous things and that if you are born a good writer money will just fall in your lap. (Have a good laugh now.) The very phrase “writing isn’t sexy” seeks to debunk this myth.
  • WIS is about figuring out what things you’re good at and then doing those things in a way that makes you money, creating what I call “income streams”—a term I do not claim to have invented, but one that I put to good use.
  • Yes, in WIS, both the newsletter and the eBook, I talk about money. Money money money money money. Money.

What’s the difference between the newsletter and the eBook?

The WIS newsletter provides ongoing ideas, ones that I’ve usually tested on myself (me = lab rat). It arrives once a month in an email format. The newsletters will also include updates about books I have coming out and about successes and failures I’ve faced trying to make a living as a writer. Hopefully, while laughing at me, you will learn from my mistakes.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are lots of places on this blog to sign up for the WIS newsletter: at the end of this blog post and in the footer; you can even email me if those are too hard to figure out. Unsubscribing is easy too, and of course there will be no SPAM or nonsense like that.

OK. I’m glad we had this talk.

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