:: I don’t even know how to write a blog post in our present news cycle.

I have been participating in public discourse on Twitter. (That’s probably an understatement.) And I’ve been working hard on a series of articles on campus rape (assigned to me pre-stupid-Rolling-Stone-let’s-blame-the-victim-gate) with a smart lady co-author whom I’ve reconnected with lately. We’re filing those pieces tomorrow.

Keeping busy is good.

I want to be happy about receiving my first copy of my new book in the mail today.

But at the same time, it’s hard to be happy about anything.

If I’m happy about something, I guess it is this: I’m happy that so many spirits have been moved to protest a police and criminal justice system that is, and always has been, racially unjust.

There are certain times, such as now, when the unjust-ness comes into sharper focus for more and more people, and those are the times when more and more people are motivated to act. I just hope we can ride this manifested human energy forward to meaningful reforms.

Check out Dame Magazine’s most recent Throwback Thursday selection. I just watched the music video before I wrote this post. Lauryn Hill’s album came out when I was finishing up college, newly embarking on the world. Listen to her words. Watching the video shook me up a bit, in a good way.  It was timely, for sure.

Stay warm out there.

POSTSCRIPT: Revisiting this post in 2018, especially the part about feeling overwhelmed by the news cycle, makes the post feel almost quaint. But at the same time, we must have sympathy for the suffering in our pasts. The news cycle when I wrote this was terrible. It was just different than it is today.

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