:: So, what does it mean to be a freelance academic?

From my first post on this topic:

To be a Freelance Academic is to recognize this bifurcation that we contingent professors face, and then to try to mend it.

So, on the note of “mending,” this manifesto gives some new rules to live by that I dreamed up (and stole, erm, borrowed) for this new paradigm that I’m exploring. This is an incomplete list. I thought the list might help others, so I’m sharing it here.

As we’re all figuring out together in the alt-ac, post-ac, and adjunct communities online, there are changes that one needs to make to leave behind dead-end traditional academia and move toward freelance academia. …

Update, 8 September 2014

I have some good news. My favorite higher education publication, The Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae, which is never behind a paywall (#openaccess FTW), has picked up these blog posts as a new column for their publication. Thus: The Freelance Academic Blog will now be the Freelance Academic Column at Vitae.

The first post for the column will be this post, “The Freelance Academic Manifesto,” updated and expanded and generally far more awesome. I’ll link to the column right here when it comes out, which will be soon.

Thanks, folks, for reading this blog, and head on over to Vitae, which will provide the added benefit of allowing comments on my columns (which, for many reasons, I never have allowed here 😉 ). …

Forthcoming 2019: The Freelance Academic

Update, 11 November 2014

The column was published on 31 October 2014 (auspicious!) and you can access it here! …


Enjoy this post? THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC is now a book! Coming June 3 from Snowraven Books: 

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