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Latest Book Reviews: Oliveras, Fan, Hannah

:: I have some book reviews for you all! I got heat stroke at a tennis tournament and have been sitting on my butt for two weeks, so I’ve been READING A LOT. Good for me, and GOOD FOR YOU. Let’s get this book review party started!

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Fallout Girl Fallout Girl (Hollywood Lights #5)
reviews: 22
ratings: 28 (avg rating 4.32)

Entanglement Entanglement (Hollywood Lights #1)
reviews: 35
ratings: 64 (avg rating 4.30)

Love and Entropy Love and Entropy (Hollywood Lights #2)
reviews: 8
ratings: 32 (avg rating 4.19)

Chasing Chaos Chasing Chaos (Hollywood Lights #3)
reviews: 15
ratings: 38 (avg rating 3.89)