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Writing Consulting & Editing

I consult on a variety of projects: novels, nonfiction books, memoirs, website, dissertations, articles, essays, and more. Learn more about me. Check out my novels. Check out my nonfiction books. Check out my freelance writing.

Editing: Developmental Editing and Copyediting

A developmental editor helps a writer with the structure, pace, characterization, and more fundamental aspects of a manuscript. Both fiction and non-fiction books can benefit from developmental editing. Developmental editing is not copyediting. It is deep consideration of all aspects of your manuscript to help you succeed in publication.

Copyediting and line-editing is much less intensive than developmental editing. This work involves reading a finished manuscript for grammar, punctuation, consistency, and other errors.

If you are working on a book, I can review the first chapter, the first five pages, the first fifty pages, or the entire manuscript—it’s up to you.

Developmental editing

Clients receive a manuscript review (in MS Word format) with comments throughout and tracked changes with suggestions for improvement. The comments include suggests for improvement of character, plot, and more. My developmental editing rate is 4 cents per word.


Clients receive a manuscript reviewed with changes tracked in Microsoft Word, observations and notes in comment bubbles, with a typical turnaround time of three weeks. What I do is commonly referred to as “heavy copyediting.” My copyediting rate is 2 cents per word.

First-Fifty Review

Agents and publishers often consider no more than the first 50 pages of a manuscript when assessing whether a book is worth moving forward on. I can read the first 50 manuscript pages (approximately the first 12,500 words) of your book to let you know, in big-picture terms, whether your writing is captivating enough to make a reader want to keep reading (and why/why not) and its potential for publication (including specifics). I provide the assessment in the form of a letter that is between 1 and 2 pages in length, single-spaced. (A first-fifty review does not include copyediting or developmental editing.) The first-fifty rate is 1 cent per word.


  • I encourage you to compare my rates with (and to research freelance editing at) the Editorial Freelancers Association website.
  • We can have an initial, 15-minute consult via phone or videochat for free. Send me an email.
  • A note on length: 250 words per page is standard manuscript page length—thus, 50 pages is 12,500 words. In a 300-page manuscript (a standard length for a first book), that works out to be 75,000 words. In a book that is 350 pages, that’s 87,500 words. (You see how this works.)

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Writing Coaching

If you are writing a novel, memoir, article, nonfiction book, thesis, dissertation, or other written project, I can help you at any phase of your project. I can help you create a writing plan, develop a rough draft, and more.

What is a writing coach?

A writing coach can help you from the very beginning of a project—even if you only have an idea for a book or shorter piece.

A coach helps you develop your idea, create a writing plan customized for you, listens to your struggles and helps you through them, helps you assess your progress and modify your writing plan if necessary, and more. Writing coaching is very personal, and both new and experienced writers have benefited from it. I can meet with you just one time to help get a project off the ground, a few times to get you on a strong trajectory, or on a regular basis to see a project through to the end.

Writing coaching works really well if you want to learn to publish short pieces of freelance journalism.


We can meet in person or via phone. We can have an initial, 15-minute consult via phone for free. Send me an email. I will craft a custom coaching plan for you.

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Academic and Business Documents

If you need help with your application documents for college or graduate school, or your business documents, contact me.

I can help you with your academic application documents, including these:

Application essays :: Scholarship applications :: Fellowship applications :: Resumes :: Cover letters :: Grant applications :: Study abroad applications.

I can help you with your high-stakes business documents, including these:

Grant applications :: Business emails and letters :: Marketing documents and fliers :: Website content :: Loan applications :: Blog content :: Personnel Policy Documents :: Corporate Style Manuals :: Executive Summaries :: Slide Decks

Career Transitions

If you are thinking about making a career transition that is within my areas of expertise, I’m happy to help. Let’s chat and see if you can benefit from my coaching. We can have an initial, 15-minute consult via videochat for free. Send me an email. Want to learn to publish short pieces of freelance journalism? I do that, too.

Website Design, Hosting, and More

If you are building a website and need help creating content that is readable and appealing to your audience, I can help with that too. I also design and host WordPress sites and consult with clients on larger projects. We can have an initial, 15-minute consult via phone or videochat for free. Send me an email to schedule a meeting.


If you have a group that needs training in an area in which I have expertise, I can put together a workshop—live or virtual—that can help. Here are some topics that I cover: writing well, including grammar, legal writing, and creative writing; career transitions; higher education; mental illness and psychiatric disability; disability more generally; rape culture, including on college campuses; and more.

I teach a creative writing workshop via Duke University continuing education. I also lead private, small-group writing workshops for a variety of skill levels. We can have an initial, 15-minute consult via videochat for free. Send me an emailLearn more about my speaking engagements and workshops.

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