I look like the real thing.

I look like the real thing.

Last night The Regulator Bookshop in Durham, NC—the bookshop that taught me what Indie Bookshops were all about, y’all—hosted a reading and signing of Entanglement. I want to give them a big thanks. I want to say thanks to the 20+ people who came out. Thanks for asking great questions during the Q&A.

I know the audience asked great questions during the Q&A because my husband took pictures throughout, and I’m making some really marvelous expressions/gestures. I’m making my “dragon hands” and my “what’s this behind my ear” and my “push it to the side” expressions.

Yeah, okay, I’ll just show you.

What am I doing with my face? Talking. Just Talking.

What am I doing with my face? Talking. Just talking. #sigh

(Don’t trust any person who only shows you the pretty pictures. That’s all I’m saying. Everyone has their version of dragon hands. Those pictures just don’t make it onto Instagram.)

In summary: excellent Q&A, excellent hosts, excellent dinner and Champagne (with a capital C—French restaurant FTW) afterwards with friends from the reading. See how happy I look in this picture here? That’s because I am.

I had to end with me looking reasonable, okay?

I had to end with me looking reasonable, okay?

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