I couldn’t resist:

Marbury Wordle.jpg

Unfortunately, the Marbury v. Madison word cloud wasn’t nearly as fun as the Clinton speech in my last post.

“Commission,” right in the middle, is kind of a bummer for such a transformative case. Yes, the case is about a commission that should or should not be granted. And the gigantic “law” to the left is a bit of a gimme, as is the “constitution” below it.

Of course, the fact that the word cloud comes out as one thinks it should means that the author is saying what one thinks the author is saying. Which is a good thing. (If less fun.)

In other words, if the visual depiction of the communication (created by the word cloud) aligns with one’s understanding of the communication, then that’s a good thing, because the author is avoiding double-speak, equivocation, or outright misleading speech.

Still, the ones that are startling in their mismatch with one’s expectations are a lot more fun.

Alt Text: Monochrome photograph of a rain shower on a brick walkway. Image via Pixabay.

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